Golden Age of Radio

Hop into the KRAE time machine each Monday thru Thursday for the Golden Age of radio! Featuring famous radio classics such as Superman & The Lone Ranger Along with pioneers in the entertainment industry like Bob Hope, Abbott & Costello, along with many other performers who captured our ears many, many years ago! Join us for the Golden Age of radio, Monday thru Thursday, 8-10 PM on 1480 KRAE. Also 101.1 FM and can also stream all of our programming on

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upcoming programs


Sherlock Holmes – Paradol Chamber
Sherlock Holmes – The Limping Ghost
Suspense – The Lady Killer
Suspense – Banquo’s Chair


Sherlock Holmes – Colonel Warburton
Sherlock Holmes – Out of Date Murder
Suspense – Motive For Murder
Suspense – One and One’s a Lonesome


Sherlock Holmes – Eyes Of Mr. Leyton
Sherlock Holmes – Thor Bridge
Suspense – Blood Sacrifice
Suspense – Salvage


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