About The Cheyenne Stampede

Cheyenne Stampede Hockey is dedicated to developing superior elite hockey players while maintaining an emphasis on education and high moral character.
We challenge our players and coaches to stretch their talents to reach their highest
potential in Junior hockey and beyond. Emphasis is placed on developing high moral
character, leadership, respect, fair play, sportsmanship and a true love for the game.

The success of our program will be measured by the accomplishments of our
players both on and off the ice. Our coaches bring a passion for hockey,
years of hockey experience and a commitment to player development and advancement.

Development and promotion is a league wide philosophy shared by all member teams; education which determines the paths of many young players is always the top priority. Molding all players into strong student athletes while teaching them to be good citizens is paramount.
Four pillars of Cheyenne Stampede Hockey: Character, Academics, Athletics, and Community.

Previous Shows

3/11/19: Head Coach Neil Breen talks about playoffs and the future for him and the team