Making Cheyenne sports radio entertaining again with the best father son commentary team in town!

What you’ll hear, is a sports talk radio show unlike any other that has ever before been broadcast in the capital city of Cheyenne, WY USA. This is Cheyenne, WY sports talk authority!

The Wyoming Cowboys, the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies, the Denver Nuggets, and the Colorado Avalanche. The show is local, it’s regional, and yes, the show is national as well.

Wyoming SportsTalk Today is live on the air every Monday – Friday from 3 – 5 PM on 1480AM & 101.1FM KRAE in Cheyenne. Also we stream the show live here on And newly introduced, live on Facebook with video and audio feeds as well!

If they’re talking sports on the radio in Cheyenne, this is the place it happens! This is Wyoming SportsTalk Today!

We are also streaming live on Twitter & YouTube!

Check out this preview from one of our live streams from January 16, 2018

February Interviews

2/7/19: LCCC WBB Head Coach Brian Ortmeier talks about rebounding from the losing streak

LCCC WBB Forward Alexis Lamoreaux introduces herself to Cheyenne

LCCC MBB Head Coach Jason Ficca talks importance of getting bigger, stronger, faster 

LCCC MBB SG Kam Vincel talks Colorado basketball and more

2/5/19: Wyoming Cowgirls Basketball Head Coach Joe Legerski talks 300 wins and how his team is developing this season 

2/4/19: LCCC Women’s Soccer Head Jim Gardner talks about the firing debacle and what happen around it

Part 1

Part 2