Making Cheyenne sports radio entertaining again with the best father son commentary team in town!

What you’ll hear, is a sports talk radio show unlike any other that has ever before been broadcast in the capital city of Cheyenne, WY USA. This is Cheyenne, WY sports talk authority!

The Wyoming Cowboys, the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies, the Denver Nuggets, and the Colorado Avalanche. The show is local, it’s regional, and yes, the show is national as well.

Wyoming SportsTalk Today is live on the air every Monday – Friday from 3 – 5 PM on 1480AM & 101.1FM KRAE in Cheyenne. Also we stream the show live here on And newly introduced, live on Facebook with video and audio feeds as well!

If they’re talking sports on the radio in Cheyenne, this is the place it happens! This is Wyoming SportsTalk Today!

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Check out this preview from one of our live streams from January 16, 2018

October Interviews

10/18/18: LCCC AD Clark Rasmussen talks about the fall sports happening at the campus along with what his vision is for the athletics department

Part 1:

Part 2:

10/17/18: Cheyenne Stampede Coaches Show with Head Coach Neil Breen as he recaps the Dallas series and previews Casper & we get to know Forward Ben Gloe

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

10/17/18: Colorado Rockies insider Thomas Harding talks about what changes need to happen in the off-season for the Rockies

10/17/18: WBKFF President Bas Rutten talks about his career and the WBKFF’s inaugural PPV happening in Casper, WY

Part 1:

Part 2:

10/10/18: Cheyenne Stampede Coaches Show with Head Coach Neil Breen as he recaps the series with the Eagles and talks about the upcoming home series with Dallas

Center Logan Syrup

Assistant Coach Heath Lantz

10/10/18: LCCC Rodeo Head Coach Seth Glause talks about the season is going & the upcoming Shawn Dubie Memorial Rodeo

LCCC Rodeo Sophomore Laramei Bain

LCCC Rodeo Sophomore Bernard Gerard

10/3/18: Cheyenne Stampede Coaches show featuring Head Coach Neil Breen, Forward Jeremy Velazquez, & Assistant Coach Logan Wilt

Part 1:

Part 2:

10/3/18: UW Senior Associate AD Kevin McKinney talks basketball and Hawaii vs. Wyoming football

10/3/18: Wyoming Swimming & Diving Head Coach Dave Denniston talks about winning the WAC Championship and how his teams are doing this season

10/3/18: Colorado Avalanche Head Coach Jared Bednar previews the 2018-2019 season and talks about the Colorado Eagles

10/2/18: Denver AP Sports Writer Pat Graham talks Rockies playoffs and the start of the Denver Broncos season