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Welcome to Cheyenne’s home for good times and great oldies! From the classics of the 50’s and 60’s to the Golden Age of Radio, you’ll find it here on 1480AM KRAE.

We also broadcast live local high school football & basketball, & Cheyenne Post 6 baseball games on the radio side and also on our YouTube channel.

Thanks for tuning in!

As we grow into our 12th year at 1480 KRAE, with your support, we want to remind you that radio advertising is still one of the strongest mediums in Cheyenne and in Wyoming. For example…did you know?

1. 77% of Wyoming residents listen to the radio weekly.
2. Radio is still the most used medium by Wyoming drivers. 83% listen to radio vs. 34% listening to satellite!
3. Radio is more important than the internet as a source for local news and weather emergencies!
4. 35% of people listen to radio for local news – 25% look at the newspaper.
5. Radio use at home ranks #1 with 57% of Wyomingites listening to “local” broadcast radio!

Remember!..Broadcast media is still the best way to get your message heard in Wyoming
(Information provided by W.A.B.)


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